9th Dec/Matcha experience event

Event & Workshop

We had our 1st Matcha workshop and learned a lot of new things about matcha.

  • What are the essential tools to make matcha
  • How to organize tea ceremony party
  • What is the manner to be good guests
  • Japanese sweets for matcha
  • How to make and drink matcha
  • How to enjoy matcha casually at home …and more!

Let’s check it out again with me here and enjoy matcha life:)

What are the essential tools to make matcha

  1. 茶筅(chasen): A muddler to mix matcha and hot water
  2. 茶碗(chawan): A bowl for drinking
  3. 茶器(棗)(chaki/matsume): A container to keep matcha powder
  4. 茶杓(chashaku): A little spoon to scoop matcha powder
  5. 茶釜(chagama): A kettle
  6. 建水(kensui): A bowl used to throw away the hot water and water used when cleaning and warming the bowl

How to organize tea ceremony party

A lot of preparation is required for hosts to entertain the guests at tea ceremony.

  1. Send an invitation 2-3 months in advance. You cannot hold tea ceremony in a last minute.
  2. Clean up the entire house very well. Wipe even little stones in the garden to the entrance.
  3. Decorate interiors such as ornamental shafts, flowers, vases, incense, fukusa..

What is the manner to be good guests

When you are guests to a tea party, bring these items.

  • Kaishi
  • A cutter for sweets
  • A folding fan

If you are barefoot or in stockings, bring white/black socks and put them on before entering the tea room.

Japanese sweets for matcha

We have always sweets before matcha because matcha is sometimes too bitter for your empty stomach. Take your sweet from a large serving plate with chopsticks and put it on kaishi. Cut it into 4 small pieces and eat.

(We used individual packaged sweets this time due to COVID-19 situation.)

This time, we ordered Japanese sweets at this shop. “Aoyama kasho” located in Ashiya.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
和菓子道楽 あおやま菓匠

How to make and drink matcha

Making process

  1. Put two scoops of matcha into a bowl. Pour 70cc of hot water(70-80℃).
  2. Mix it slowly to spread matcha powder from the bottom.
  3. Lift up the chasen a little from the bottom, hold the wrist and shake it back and forth firmly.
  4. When bubbles are formed, raise the tip of the chasen to the surface of the bubbles and move slowly to make the bubbles finer.
  5. Write the letter “の” and gently raise the chasen so that the bubbles rise in the center.

Drinking process

  1. Hold with both hands.
  2. Turn clockwise two times.
  3. Take three sips and finish the tea.
  4. Sip vigorously the remained foam with the sound!

How to enjoy matcha casually at home

So we really enjoyed our tea ceremony but can we do it at home more casually? YES!!

We just need matcha powder, a bowl and a muddler in the easiest way.

I will tell which matcha is available at supermarket!

What is the difference between Matcha and powder green tea

Nowadays, we have so many selection of green tea in Japan.


Therefore, you might have mistaken between “matcha” and “powder green tea”. They look so similar on the packages. Also, there is almost no difference in the types of tea leaves used as raw materials. The difference lies in the cultivation method and manufacturing process.


Matcha is a powder of Tencha.

Tencha is raised in a covered tea plantation so that the tea leaves are not exposed to strong sunlight. So why do we do that?

The reason is that if we grow it out of the strong sunlight, it will grow into softer shoots with more umami than normal tea leaves grown in the sun. Matcha is made by grinding Tencha grown in this way with a stone mill and making it into powder.


Powdered green tea is a powder of Sencha.

Sencha is the leaves that are normally grown without blocking direct sunlight.
Sencha is made by steaming, kneading, and drying the tea leaves that have been grown and stretched in the sunlight to remove excess material.

Powdered green tea is made by finely powdering the sencha using a machine.

Be careful!! This is not pure matcha but powder green tea WITH matcha.

What to buy??

So when you want to purchase matcha at supermarket, I found these selection.

Uji Match Powder 【ITOEN】

Morihan uji matcha

IEMON Matcha

Matcha is high in antioxidant catechins. Let’s enjoy matcha at home!


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