Japanese sweets: Ozenzai(Oshiruko) / Ichigo Daifuku

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Do you eat Japanese sweets? You might not have many chance to have it but there are so many yummy Japanese sweets such as dango(dumplings), taiyaki, yokan and etc..

Where can we eat? Only at café or restaurant?

No! Actually you can challenge to make it at home very easily with two key ingredients!

Today, I will introduce two recipes. Very tasty and I’m sure that kids will love it too! It’s fun to make them together as a new activity!

Key ingredients

Japanese sweet is called わがしwagashi in Japanese. Many wagashi are made of rice and beans. It’s a healthy snack while it tastes sweet. Very popular and good for kids to the old!

Shiratama powder

The First key ingredient is “Shiratama power”(白玉粉). You can find it around flour/sugar area at any supermarket.

It’s rice flour for sticky rice dumplings. You can make Shiratama dumplings which are very soft and smooth texture. It does not harden even when it gets cold.

Note: Dango is also sticky rice dumplings but made of Dango powder. The texture is a little different. Dango is harder and sticker than Shiratama.

Anko (Sweet red bean paste)

The second key ingredient is “Anko”. It’s made of red beans. You can find it as ready to eat food around confectionery area at any supermarket.

There are “Tsubuan” type and “Koshian” type. Tsubuan is mashed sweet bean paste. You feel the skin of bean texuture. Koshian is smooth sweet bean paste. Choose with your taste!

You can also make anko from scratch with red beans but it takes a lot of time and effort.. Ready to eat anko is a big help!!

Menu 1: Ozenzai (Oshiruko)

Oshiruko is a red bean soup with shiratama. We call it ozenzai as well depends on the region.

How to cook

Ingredients (3-4 bowls)

(Shiratama balls 15~20 balls) Shiratama flour 75g and Water 60ml

(Soup) Anko 80g and water 40~80g depends on your taste.

1.Mix shiratama flour and water. Knead it until it becomes as soft as your earlobe.

2. Gently roll by hand to make a ball.

3. Boil them until 2 minutes after dumplings float to the surface. Scoop and put them into the cold water with ice cubes.

4. Put anko and water into a pot and warm it up. You can adjust the amount of the water at your preference. More water, less sweetness.

5.Put the dumplings to the soup and done!!

It warms you up in the cold season!

Menu 2: Ichigo Daifuku

Ichigo Daifuku is a soft rice cake stuffed with sweet bean paste and a strawberry. Ichigo means “a strawberry” and daifuku means “a soft rice cake stuffed with some ingredients(usually sweet bean paste)”.

It’s a nice tasty combination of the sweet, juicy and a little bit sour. Good idea to bring them as souvenir since it looks very gorgeous!

How to cook

Ingredients (10pcs)

(Skin of daifuku) Shiratama flour 100g, Sugar 35g and Water 120ml

Anko 250g

Strawberry 10pcs

Potato starch as necessary. Will use it to prevent the dough from sticking.

1.Remove the green hulls form strawberries. Make little balls of anko in advance. Mix shiratama flour, sugar and water. Put it into microwave for 2mins.

2. Mix it lightly and warm it up in the microwave again for another 1min. (The dough becomes sticky like the pic!)

4. Spread potato starch on the board. Split the dough into 10 pieces and pull it widely.

5. Put one anko ball and wrap it with the thin dough.

6. Cut the surface with scissors and place one strawberry on the top.

With two key ingredients of shiratama flour and anko, you can make two Japanese sweets very easily! Let’s try them:)


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