Everyday Obento for school kids

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Making an obento(lunch box) every day is hard, isn’t it? Let’s praise each other!

By the way, are you a little curious about what kind of obento other moms make every day?
Today I will share my obento situation. Please use it as a reference for making your obento!

My concept for obento

My motto for making obento is simple and not overwhelming. It’s impossible to cook time-consuming food for obento in the morning, isn’t it? While using what can be used, I care about only the following two points.

Well-Balanced Nutrition

Protein: Meat, Fish or Beans

Vitamins: Vegetables

Carbohydrates: Rice

Does it look colorful?

I try to use at least 3 colors in bento box.

Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Black…

Only 4 steps to make obento!

Step1: It starts the night before

My obento making starts the night before.

For example, when I make stir-fried vegetables for dinner the night before, I save a little for obento before putting them on a plate.

You just need to put the silicon cup in the obento box then you will achieve the protein and vitamin items!

I save just a little amount of anything that I cook for dinner like the above. Chicken and onions from Japanese curry, one piece of deep fried salmon, just a little bit of meat pasta, one piece of gyoza etc.

Also, when making meat balls (hamba-gu), I make a small size one for obento box. Small size is convenient for obento.

I always think about obento box when I cook dinner every night.

Step2: Making Japanese omelet

Well, the first thing I make every morning is tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelet). Japanese omelet is very common obento menu in Japan.

It’s yummy, good protein and nice color! It’s still yummy when it gets cold. So it’s the perfect menu for obento!

I have made a video to introduce how to make it! Check it out!!

Step3: Putting in whatever I have

As I told you, the main dish is always leftover from the day before. In addition to it, I put in whatever I keep for obento in refrigerator.

It’s usually petit-tomatoes, boiled broccolis/ carrots, edamame, kuromame(simmered black beans), Japanese cucumber etc.

I fill in the spaces, being careful not to overlap the colors.

In case I don’t have any leftovers for the main dish, I grill sausage. Sausages are kept in the refrigerator as a savior.

Step4: Making a rice ball

Finally, I make a rice ball. I use the rice leftover from the previous day. I warm up the rice, put in on the wrap and shape into cylinder.

In case I use all of the rice already on the previous day, I wash fresh rice and rest it in the water over the night. In the morning, I turn on the heat and cook rice. It’s still easy!

Done! Easy and yummy obento!

Just 4 steps and my obento is done! Is it similar how you make your obento??

I will show you the examples of obento here:)

  • Main: Fried beef and onions(leftover)
  • Side: Japanese omelet, boiled carrots and tomato
  • Onigiri with frikake (flavored toppings)
  • Main: Meat and veggies sauce pasta(leftover)
  • Side: Japanese omelet, boiled carrots and cucumber
  • Onigiri with frikake (flavored toppings)
  • Main: Deep fried salmon(leftover)
  • Side: Japanese omelet, salad and tomato
  • Onigiri with umeboshi(plum) inside

It’s obvious that this obento is made the day after Setsubun!

  • Main: croquette(leftover)
  • Side: Tomato
  • Homemade ehomaki (Sushi) (leftover)
  • Main: Mini hamba-gu (meat balls)(leftover)
  • Side: Japanese omelet, edamame, cucumber and tomatoes
  • Onigiri with salmon flakes

Some tips!

Use cute picks when you feel something isn’t enough

I bought these cute picks at 100yen shop! These are convenient tools but be careful when your kids are still small.

Use cookie die cutting when you want to add cutness

The shape of the flowers encourages your child to eat vegetables!

Use colorful cups when you are suffering from a lack of color

This is the easiest way to add some colors to your obento box.

Meals are something you can enjoy with your eyes too. Let’s make your child’s lunch lime more energetic with a lot of colors!

Add some spice of surprise!

When I have some minutes, I like to add something to surprise my son at lunch time:)

This day, I made some flowers with ham and cucumbers. It’s very easy to make. Let’s give kids a little happy surprise!

It’s hard making obento everyday, but let’s enjoy!! Share your obento ideas :)))


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