Beewax: As a substitute for Plastic Wrap

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The first thing that could make a big contribution to plastic things loss in the kitchen … is plastic wrap reduction!

Wraps are convenient for wrapping leftover ingredients or covering dishes, and I used them every day as a matter of course. However, the wrap after use becomes garbage and is just thrown away.

There is an alternative to plastic wrap that can be used many times without throwing it away.

That is beeswax wrap!

What is beewax wrap?

Beewax wrap is a wrap made by impregnating cloth with beeswax, vegetable oil, or natural resin. When warmed by hand, it softens and wraps the bowls and ingredients perfectly.

You can use many times

After using it, gently wash it with water and let it air dry before you use it again. Because it can be used repeatedly, it is more advantageous than disposable plastic wraps. It lasts for half a year to a year, so it’s easy on your wallet.

SuperBee Wax Wraps

I searched on the internet, read a lot of review and found the best item!!

Good points of Superbees wax wrap

Good point 1: Safe

SuperBeeswax is sustainably harvested from local farmers, without the use of chemicals.

FCM, FDA, BPA FREE and GMP certification.

Good point 2: Pretty designs

There are so many pretty designs and colors! Bee taste, tropical taste, nice patterns. You will be happy when you find this pretty item in your fridge!

Good point 3: Easy to use

Wax is not too sticky, just right. Easy to attached because the edges are jagged

Good point 4: I can see the producer’s face

Every wrap sold promotes female empowerment and provides employment opportunities in rural areas


Due to the characteristics of beewax, it becomes liquid and melts when exposed to heat. Be careful not to wash it in hot water or heat it in the microwave.

It is also not suitable for wrapping raw meat, fresh fish, and highly acidic ingredients.

Enjoy eco- cooking life

It will be a big success in various situations.

  • Bread storage
  • Preservation of remaining ingredients
  • Instead of a lunch box

Let’s enjoy eco-cooking life!

SuperBee a Social Enterprise in Northern Thailand
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