What is “Chain of happiness project”?

Chain of happiness project

“I want to save our earth.”

It’s hard to say such a big thing, but I’m curious. Is there anything I can do? What can I start today?

There are many people who have such thoughts nowadays but they just don’t know where to start.

One day at lunch gathering. From no one, we started to talk about the nature and the environment. Somebody asked, “How can I reduce usage of plastic wrap in my kitchen?”. Other lady replied, “Then use this! It will reduce the amount of garbage!!”

The wisdom of one person becomes the wisdom of everyone. Each one is small, but if we stack it up, it may produce big results.

We are lucky that many people who think about the earth are gathering at JPsalon!

We wanted to start here and launched this “Chain of happiness project”. This section introduces the eco-friendly items that JPsalon members have tried. All items are closely related to daily life. Let’s think together about what we can do for the earth and take action while searching for our favorites!

Please share if you have some idea for this project!

What is “Chain of happiness project”?

We share eco-friendly items

We introduce eco-friendly items each other in this section and promote reducing plastic, garbage and CO2 etc. If you have tried something which you think it’s eco-friendly, please share it with us! Send an e-mail at jpsalon2020@gmail.com with information below!!

  • Your name
  • Item/Idea
  • How to use
  • Pictures
  • Information of where we can purchase

Donation system

When the items are available at amazon.com, we will put the link to amazon.com website.

If people buy the items at amazon.com via our website, amazon.com will pay 1~3% of the price of the items as an advertising fee to us. (You don’t pay any extra money but only the selling price for the product indicated on amazon website.) We will donate the collected money to the organization who protects earth’s environment.

An example how you go

Please let us know when you purchase anything via our website as this is our first challenge and we’d like to track if it’s working well! Thanks for your cooperation!

If you have any further question about this project, do not hesitate to contact us:)

Happy eco-life!


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