10 Popular lessons for Kids in Japan!

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“What lesson does your child have?”, “We’ve just started soccer lesson!”

These are the common conversation between moms. Kids who enter the kindergarten are very curios for everything so many kids start to do some extra activity.

What lesson is popular for kids in Japan? Let’s check it out!

*This is the popular activities for moms↓

What is the lesson for kids

How do we choose?

There are various genres for lessons such as sports, arts, languages, and things that are closely related to daily life, but how do you choose the lesson for kids? There are some points that you can refer to when you are wondering what to do with your kid’s lessons.

  • What he/she likes? : Kids will be positive to continue when it’s fun.
  • What he/she is good at? : Kids can develop their specialty and build confidence.
  • Is it connected to their future? : Something which is benefit for kid’s future from the perspective of the parents.

It’s best that what kids want to do matches what the parents want kids to do.

When do we start?

So when is the best timing to start new activity?? There is a result of the questionnaire as below.

“5 years old (18.6%)”

“4 years old (17.2%)”

“3 years old (15.9%)”

Many children start learning from the age of 3 when they are in the kindergarten, and 67.3% of them by the time they go to elementary school.


It’s sometimes difficult to judge that your kid is ready or not. In that case, I recommend to try first.

From example, I put my son the soccer lesson when he just turned to 3yo because he already liked kicking a ball very much and we thought we could do it. But actually I found out my son couldn’t understand well what the coach said and couldn’t follow the lesson.

We decided not to start yet and waited for another year. Right now, he’s 4yo and really enjoys the soccer lesson.

What is the average numbers

What is the average number of lessons and cost per kid?

This is the results of a questionnaire survey of 1,250 households with from infants to elementary school students.

Average number of lessons per kid : 2.39
Total cost of lessons per kid / month : 12,767yen


These are the popular 10 lessons in 2020!

Now, what kind of lessons are popular with children in Japan today? Here are the 10 best lessons! What do you have in common with your country?

Ranking of the popular 10 lessons in 2020

10th place: Abacus
9th place: Calligraphy
8th place: Soccer
7th place: Rhythmic
6th place: Cram school
5th place: Kumon
4th place: Gymnastics
3rd place: Piano
2nd place: English conversation
1st place: Swimming!

If you cannot find the one for your kids, these are the points.

  • Make it diversity rather than specialty
  • Eliciting interest from everyday life
  • Undecided by parents
  • Easy-to-go distance

My son goes to the soccer lesson once a week and cooking lesson with me randomly!

Recent trend


In Japan, programming class has begun in 2020 in elementary school. Correspondingly, the number of programming classes is increasing. While moving robots and making animations, kids will study the convenient mechanisms of life in the world. Kids can learn the skills required in the future.


With the success of Japanese professional golfers, golf is also popular because it allows you to develop etiquette and concentration. Golf is a sport that is easy to continue even as you get older, so it is also attractive to be able to play golf with the parents in the future.


Kiyomi Mikuni, a French chef who focuses on food education says “It is until around the age of twelve that humans can catch the sense of taste sensitively”, and it is important to train the taste and appreciation for food from an early age. Since the Shokuiku Basic Law in 2005 in Japan, the term “shokuiku(food education)” and people’s interests have increased.

What did the Todai(the University of Tokyo) student do at the childhood

There is the University of Tokyo, which is said to be the best university in Japan. Here is the result of a questionnaire about what the University of Tokyo students learned in their childhood. Is smartness related to lessons in childhood? Isn’t it curios?? Let’s check it out!

5th place: Calligraphy
4th place: English conversation
3rd place: Cram school
2nd place: Piano
1st place: Swimming


It’s almost same as the regular ranking!

What is important is the process rather than the lessons themselves. Kids can earn the motivation, aspirations, and self-affirmation from the extra activities. Let’s experience various things while having fun with your child!


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