Plum syrup at the rainy season

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Hello, it is Yuko.

After the Golden Week holidays, the rainy season is about to begin in Japan.

It is a season that is often disliked because it rains a lot and it’s humid, but flowers, rice, and fruits absorb a lot of the rain and fruit richly in autumn.

Today I would like to talk about how I spend every year during the rainy season.

What is the definition of the rainy season?

How the rainy season occurs?

We call the rainy season “Tsuyu (梅雨/つゆ) ” in Japanese. The rainy season is a weather condition seen in Southeast Asia.

It is the time of the weather when the cold high pressure of the continent and the warm air of the Pacific Ocean collide with each other and the atmospheric condition becomes unstable, and the seasonal rain front that occurs there stagnates and continues to rain.

During the rainy season, even on rainy days, there are hot humid days and cool days because of the conflict between the two atmospheric pressures.

In addition to Japan, the rainy season also occurs in countries such as China, Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea, North Korea, and parts of the Far East of Russia.

How long will the rainy season last?

The rainy season in Japan begins in order from the southern regions (Okinawa, etc.) to the north. This is similar to the cherry blossom front I talked about earlier!

In the Kinki region (Kansai), the rainy season usually begins in early June to mid-June, and it ends in mid-July. In other words, there is a rainy season for almost a month.

When is the rainy season this year? This year, the rainy season in the southern region has begun early. Therefore, it is expected that the Kinki region will also have a rainy season earlier around June 6.

Recommended thing to do during the rainy season : Making plum syrup

When the weather is bad, going out can be a hassle. In such a case, I recommend making plum syrup! I make it every year.

The kanji (Chinese character) for “rainy season (Tsuyu) ” is “梅 (Ume/Plum)” and “雨 (Ame/Rainy)”. One of the origins of 梅雨 is the theory that it rains when the ume fruits are ripe. In other words, the rainy season is also the season for plum blossoms.

Let’s spend a day to make it in the rainy season so that you can drink delicious plum juice in the summer using such seasonal plum fruits.

What to prepare to make plum syrup

  • Green ume 1kg (sold at supermarkets)
  • Rock candy (Crystal suger) 1kg
  • Storage bottle (4L bottle is recommended. Sold at home improvement stores)
  • Bamboo skewers

※Green ume and rock candy should be the same amount.

How to make

Boil and disinfect storage bottles

First, disinfect the bottle. Pour a little boiling water into the bottle, tilt it, and turn it. (Be careful not to get burned!) Then wipe off the water with a clean clothe and allow the bottle to dry completely with the mouth down.

Wash green ume and remove lye

Rinse carefully with running water. (Do not use detergent, only running water is recommended.) After washing, soak in 2L or more of water for 1 to 2 hours to remove the lye.

Wipe off the water and remove the calyx

After removing the lye, wipe the green ume with a dry cloth carefully one by one to remove water. After that, use a bamboo skewer to remove the calyx one by one.

It is said that plums don’t like metal skewers, so use bamboo skewers. If you take a calyx, the astringent taste disappears and it becomes a refreshing taste.

Scratch the plums

After removing the calyx, stab the plums with bamboo skewers in several places to scratch them. Plum extract exudes from this wound.

Put green ume and rock candy in a jar

Put it alternately so that it becomes a layer. (You don’t have to worry about it in detail!)

Store in a cool and dark place

Shake the jar daily if possible to help the sugar dissolve. Once the rock candy has melted in a week to 10 days, it’s almost complete!

Take the lye and it’s done!

Remove the plum fruits from the plum syrup. Rub with a fine cloth and cook over low heat for about 15 minutes. Be careful not to boil while scooping the lye. Turn off the heat and let it cool down!
The syrup is ready without any preservatives or additives ♪

You can eat the finished plums as they are. Sweet and sour plum fruits can be jammed!

Store in the refrigerator

Drink plum syrup by dividing it with water or carbonated water, the citric acid effect will keep you tired even in the hot summer! If properly sealed, it will last for a year. I have 5 year old and 10 year old plum syrup!

Rock candy is the best sugar because the green ume extract and rock candy melt at about the same pace.

However, please try it with various sugars and make your own taste.


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