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Hi, have you tried to cook rice with donabe? Donabe, it’s a Japanese clay pot for rice.

I have used an electronic rice cooker for long time like I can’t remember, but I started to use donabe since a few months ago. And…,


I love it!!

Let me introduce my favorite donabe!

Why donabe?

I’d like to talk why donabe is good!


Firstly, the rice cooked by donabe is really tasty! The reason is that, by comparing to metal pots, clay pots transfer heat more slowly and the temperature rises slowly. So it can cook rice evenly and bring out the flavor.


Electric rice cooker costs at least 10,000yen range for the simple one. If you really care about the quality of the taste, then you can choose the luxury rice cooker but it costs 40,000~100,000yen!

How about donabe? You can get it with only 4,000yen range and the rice is very delicious! Cooking rice with donabe is really a good cost performance.

An introduction of Kikka Donabe

I purchased this “Kikka donabe”. It has a pretty looking. The product name “菊花(Kikka)” means “Chrysanthemum” which is a symbol flower of Japan. This is not only pretty but also has a lot of practical functions!

Recommended functional points
  1. No need to adjust the heat. Easy!
  2. No overboiling from the pot. Clean!
  3. When you get leftover, just put it to the refrigerator. Then on the next day, you just put it into the microwave to warm it up. It is still very tasty on the second day!
  4. Reasonable! (¥3740~ depends on size and colors)
  5. It’s flat at the bottom so that it’s stable on the gas stove.
  6. Can be used for other stewed dishes.

Very easy steps to cook

Only 3 steps to go!

  1. Soak in water 30min
  2. Heat about 10min
  3. Rest 20min

You can check the whole process of cooking rice on this video!

Color variation

There are many colors that you can choose. Find your favorite one!

Important notes

Dry it completely every time you use it.

Use a pot mat.

Do not use for frying.

Avoid deeply seasoned dishes until 5 times of use.

Enjoy donabe life!

I’ve been using donabe for almost 1year and I haven’t gone back to my old electronic rice cooker even once. Also, surprisingly, I haven’t failed to cook rice with donabe. Even once!

My family really loves the rice with donabe. You can get via amazon link here.



Enjoy donabe life!


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