2020 Tokyo Olympics

Japanese modern lifestyle

Are you watching the Olympics? Fierce battles can been seen every day in various events.

There are pros and cons regarding the Olympics in Japan, which is the host country, because it is being held in a pandemic. There are many voices worried about the spread of the infection.

However, the fight at the Olympics is still special, isn’t it? There are many competitions and athletes that you will know for the first time in this tournament. It is surely a good opportunity to learn about sports.

Today, I will talk about an Olympics!

(By the way, the Tokyo Olympics are held in 2021, but it is unified so that the notation “2020 Tokyo” is used for convenience.)

Japan and Olympics

History of Olympics

The first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens by French educators who said the fundamental motive was to transform human beings through sports.

The ancient Olympics were Greeks’ Olympics for Greeks. However, the modern Olympics are aimed at spreading the idea of Olympism all over the world.

The feature is that it is a “festival of peace”. The purpose of the Olympic Games is to contribute to the realization of a peaceful world through sports.

Japan participation

Japan’s participation in the Olympic Games begins at the 5th Stockholm Games held in May 1912. Only two athletes (land and marathon) participated.

  • Japanese first medal: 1920 Antwerp Games. Men’s tennis. Silver medal.
  • Japanese first medal for women: 1928 Amsterdam Games. Women’s 800m run. Silver medal.
  • Japanese first gold medal: 1928 Amsterdam Games. Men’s triple jump men, 200m breaststroke.

The Olympics, which are also a symbol of peace, were canceled by war twice in 1940 and 1944.

After the end of World War II, the first post-war Olympics were held in London in 1948, but Japan and Germany were not allowed to participate from the perspective of war responsibility, and participation in the Olympics was allowed in 1952 which was the Helsinki Games.

Participation and hosting of the Olympic Games, also known as the celebration of peace, can be said to be greatly affected by the war.

Pros and cons of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The Olympic Games scheduled for 2020 have been postponed due to the influence of COVID-19. Since then, there have been no signs of convergence, and the pros and cons of hosting the Olympic Games have continued to be questioned in Japan.

The majority of the people worried about the spread of the infection were against the event. The Olympics is a big event that involves the world. Politics, sports world, sponsor, athlete and responsibility as a host country… So many discussion and in the end, the Olympics started without a convincing explanation for the Japanese people.

I still don’t know what is the correct answer. But I can’t help but cheer when I see the athletes who show serious competition every day.

When it was decided to postpone the Olympics last year, athletes lost their goals, lost their driving range. And in immeasurable loneliness, they still managed to continue practicing individually without losing their fighting spirit.

At the first performance of the opening ceremony, the athlete who made an effort and suffered from such a corona disaster was expressed. At the center of the opening performance was a player who had lost her dream of participating in the Tokyo Olympics because the final qualifying round in the world was canceled due to the spread of COVID-19.

At the interview with the medalists, it is impressive that they say, “Thank you for holding the Tokyo Olympics. I am happy to be able to compete on this stage.”

I think that the measures to prevent the spread of infection by those involved are the result of a lot of efforts. I just hope that no further infection will spread.

Japanese specialty

There are many types of competition, but judo and gymnastics(Men) are said to be a Japanese specialty.


Judo was first held at the 1964 Tokyo Games, and a Japanese gold medalist was born. Judo is one of the martial arts in Japan. It works with the other party with bare hands and uses the physical and mental strength most effectively to attack and defend.

Since 1964, Japan has been steadily winning medals in judo, and has won 84 medals in total, including gold, silver and bronze, and is number one in the world. After that, 49 medals in France and 43 medals in South Korea.

Japanese judo medals are increasing in the progressive tense. I’m looking forward to seeing how much it will increase!


Another specialty is Men’s gymnastics.

Gymnastics has a long history, and has been held at the Olympic Games since the 1896 Games in Athens. Initially it was only for boys, but since the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam, women’s gymnastics have also been held.

In Men’s gymnastics, a scoring competition in which the referees make judgments based on the difficulty, beauty, and stability of the technique, and compete for points. There are6 types of “Yuka, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bars”.

Since 1964, Japan has won 97 medals in total, including gold, silver and bronze, and is number one in the world. After that, 94 in ROC(Russia) and 66 in the United states of America.

This time, the new younger generation is playing an active role, and it is also a milestone year of generational change.

New competition that started this time

Did you know that there are new competitions added from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

New competition sports
  • skateboard
  • surfing
  • karate
  • Sports climbing

At the skateboarding (street) that has already been held, Japanese men and women have become gold medalists. The girl is 13 years old and has renewed her youngest gold medalist in Japan!!

Skateboarding has traditionally been difficult to recognize socially because of its practice location and appearance. However, with the addition to the Olympic Games this time, skateboarding as a sport is drawing attention.

I also saw skateboarding as a competition for the first time on TV. It was just so cool and I was impressed by the appearance of the players who are seriously competing side by side with danger.

There are still matches on August 4th and 5th in the park event, so if you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look!

Valuable opportunity to know sports

The fierce battle of athletes is taking place right now every day! The Olympics are the only opportunity to see so many sports together.

Let’s enjoy and support!


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