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Hi! It’s holiday season and it is customary to give gifts with gratitude to those who are indebted to you on a daily basis.

It could be anything. Seafood such as blowfish or crab which are ideal for hot pots are always popular as Japanese family gather over New Years and eat hot pots. Meat, ham, fruits and beer that can be enjoyed by a large number of people are also popular.

It is also arranged to person who likes cooking, fashion or pets.

Today I found one pretty item and thought it would be great for the yearend gift!

Recommended item for gift or yourself: Cutting board


It is… a cutting board!

You may clean and tidy up your house to get ready for the new year and review your personal belongings. How is your cutting board in your kitchen? When do you change it to new one?

Cutting boards can be used for many years while being sterilized and bleached, but if you see multiple knife marks, cracks, or mold, this is a chance to change them before new year.

There are various materials for cutting boards such as plastic, rubber, and wood. And wood is recommended because it absorbs the impact from the knife, so your arms don’t get tired easily.
It also has the advantage that the ingredients are not slippery.

I recommend this cutting board.

Recommended Japanese Cutting board: Shimanto Hinoki Cutting Board with Stand


This cutting board is made of hinoki.

Hinoki is considered to be the world’s top level building wood due to its strength. It has been used for building shrines and temples since ancient times.

It is also known that some substances have antibacterial effects, so they are often used in kitchen utensils such as cutting boards.

Hinoki has a very nice scent and has a calming effect.


This cutting board has a stand. It stands by itself after you wash it so that the water drops down easily. It prevent from getting some mold.

Also there is a stainless pin to support standing.


When you go to the hot springs, cypress is used for the bath. The countertop of the sushi restaurant is a single plate of cypress. And the box for drinking sake is cypress.

Hinoki is very familiar to Japanese people and can be said to be a symbol of Japan.
So why not get an item that uses such Japanese materials as a memory of Japan?

You can find it at Amazon from the link below.

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