About us

When you hear the words “Expat Wife” or “Living abroad”, it sounds like a very gorgeous world.
Maybe your friends are envious of you getting a good car or a good house.

But in reality, you quit your job, left your family, and moved away from the environment you used to take for granted, and came to Japan to support your husband. There should be a lot of conflicts and anxieties.

Some women may feel that their lives have stopped.

JPsalon wants to be close to such a woman so that she can shine even in a foreign land.

Expat wife’s life does not last forever. You will go back to your country someday.
During a precious life in Japan, would you like to touch the more local part?
Cross-cultural exchange enriches your life.

We want to deliver more fun to foreigners living in Japan!
We want to increase the number of shining women!

What you can do at JPsalon

  • You can shine in a foreign land
  • You can get to know the real Japan
  • Women who quit their jobs and came to Japan can find new roles
  • Cross-cultural exchange

What JPsalon offers

  • Weekly column: Useful information about Japanese culture, modern life style etc.
  • Events: Japanese culture experience, Cross-cultural exchange
  • Lessons: Japanese food workshop, Shokuiku(Food education) workshop, Cooking lesson, Kimono lesson
  • Opportunities: You can teach your specialty to people
  • Photo shooting: Family photo, For special occasion



  • Introducing the real lifestyle of Japanese moms and food culture.
  • Studying for a qualification as a food education instructor.

Become a food education master while you’re in Japan and teach your family and friends after returning to your country!


  • Kimono dressing teacher. Engaged in kimono for 14years.
  • Interested in Japanese traditional culture and classical performing arts like Kabuki.

I would like to introduce Japanese culture help you enjoy the life while you are in Japan. Let’s learn together!

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